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Inspiration v.s. Imitation


May 13, 2015

Just as we consume calories, we also consume a steady diet of social media: Pretty blogs, immaculate Instagram feeds, and Pinterest boards bursting with jealousy-inducing details. And just like State Fair cheese curds, social media should be…

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Creating Your Own Job Security


May 11, 2015

This one’s for my fellow creatives turning passion into profit. It’s also for those sitting quietly on a big dream who feel afraid to voice it.

Big dreams & scary leaps come veiled in excuses. The “what ifs” instead of “why nots,”…

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Giving The “Photoshop Mentality” the Boot

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May 6, 2015
Sometime after digital photography took over the world, the media blew up with airbrushing fads: Head swaps, drastic body changes, you name it. Ever since then, our mentality has changed. If we don't like something about a photo, we can just Photoshop it, right? I've talked at length about airbrushing in the past (and why I don't do it), but today I want to dig a little deeper.
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