Tasty Reads: Offbeat Bride

“For those who choose to walk off the beaten aisle.”

The title might ring a few bells: Offbeat Bride (the now famous & fabulous blog) actually evolved from this book by Ariel Meadow Stallings. In her scrappy, witty, no-nonsense style, Ariel shares her journey through the matrimonial gauntlet.

Having been newly engaged myself, I bought a copy and devoured it in a single eight-hour flight to London. I immediately wanted to share it with all of my couples, as well as you, my lovely blog reader.

Now, before you say:

“But Bailey, we’re having a traditional wedding. In a church! With pastel chocolate buttons as favors! And swans waddling in the reception garden! What’s offbeat about that!?”

Forget about any loaded meanings you associate with the words “offbeat” or “traditional.” Ariel explains that we all fall somewhere on the offbeat spectrum.

This book is not just for those getting married in the woods instead of a church. Or for those hosting a Hindi-Jewish fusion ceremony. Or for those brides deciding to keep their own last names.

This book is for every engaged couple setting out to create a wedding that reflects who they truly are. If a traditional affair speaks to both of you, then more power to you! If not, then consider options that resonate with you completely, even if they buck traditional wedding trends. Make your wedding a testament to who you are as a couple. Be creative. Be authentic. 

Did you hear that last one? 

Be authentic.

Offbeat Bride also covers those sticky situations that arise with family members who don’t totally agree with your wedding vision. For instance, Mom and Dad offer to pay for part (or all) of the wedding, but they imagined swans-waddling-in-the-garden on your big day (and you were hoping to avoid live carrion at your nuptials).

Throwing a wedding often requires PR skills, and Ariel shares her maturity and wisdom in handling these delicate situations (hint: you can still emerge from the gauntlet with a wedding that speaks to you!).

Get your copy of Offbeat Bride on Amazon. Also, be sure to bookmark the Offbeat Bride blog for seriously rad inspiration & fresh ideas you never even considered.



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