A true story about a girl, a boy, and an awesome jewelry maker.

Four years ago today, I met my now-fiancé at an all boys summer camp where we both worked. He came from England, I from the Upper Midwest. You betcha.

One year ago today, we exchanged our three-year anniversary gifts. Both were wrapped in small brown boxes. When we opened them, we each found a piece of custom engraved sterling silver jewelry.

Now, here comes the twilight zone part. A few weeks earlier, he and I had independently contacted Allison Cecil of Monkeys Always Look about our respective gifts. My fiancé and I were 100% clueless about this freaky coincidence until our anniversary day.

He designed a heart necklace made of sterling silver, etched with a birch bark pattern, and engraved with the exact coordinates of our first kiss.

I designed a ring made of sterling silver, also etched with a birch bark pattern, and engraved with our initials on the outside, with our anniversary date carved on the inside.

Spooky, right?

We found Allison (Monkeys Always Look) on Etsy. There are over 800,000 shop owners on Etsy. We both (unknowingly) chose the same jewelry maker, and she created wonderful pieces that will stay with us forever. 

If you’re looking for something personal and beautifully crafted for your significant other (i.e. wedding rings) check out Allison’s work. She’s fantastic.


Monkeys Always Look :: Etsy Shop

Monkeys Always Look :: Website


By the way, that location (a peaceful strip of sand on the south shore of Lake Superior) would turn out to be our proposal spot the coming New Year’s Eve.









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