Meet Amanda.

This girl. Oh, this girl.  I am so grateful for the authenticity & laughter she brings to my life.

Amanda Cane: Owner of JaneCane Photography, fierce Finnish woman, lover of craft beer & the Duluth hills that shaped her. It’s pretty clear why we’re steadfast pals, right?

When she asked me to capture some lifestyle head shots for her, I was honored. Basically, we hung out in our usual fashion, but I brought the camera. From kickin’ it on the rocky shore, to frolicking through the grassy dunes of Park Point, to finishing with a tasty brew at the new Endion Station Public House — it was a perfect Duluth night.

Keep on keepin’ on, Miss Cane! You’re amazing from the inside out.AJC001 AJC002 AJC003 AJC004 AJC005 AJC006 AJC007 AJC008 AJC009 AJC010 AJC011 AJC012 AJC013 AJC014 AJC015 AJC016 AJC017 AJC018 AJC019 AJC020 AJC021 AJC022 AJC023 AJC024

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