Adventures in Thailand, Part I


If there’s one thing I excel at, it’s suffering abroad. Some people have a tendency to bring home orphan puppies, whereas I pick up stray bacteria in developing countries, and not of the cheerful, yogurt-bound variety.

Instead of bringing the precautionary single course of antibiotics, I always request three courses from my doctor, even for a month of travel. Overkill? Six years ago, I might have said so. But after suffering food poisoning twice in Nepal and once in Vietnam, I’ve since adjusted my thinking.

Now, you might say: Bailey, why persist in these misadventures? Well, friends, for weird folks of my breed, it’s all part of the experience. It’s character-building, it’s authentic, and it’s how my husband & I keep the spark alive, as he holds back my hair & prepares another liter of Pedialyte. Hubba, hubba.

But I digress.

Last April, we traveled to Thailand for a month of jungle heat, sizzling curries, elephant sightings, and endless beach-bumming. My in-laws flew from their home in England, while we flew from Duluth, meeting in Bangkok — a full 12 hour time difference.

We left Duluth on April 1st, leaving behind a blinding snow squall & many long-suffering Duluthians (for those of you non-Minnesotans, just ask about Snowpocalypse 2014. We’re still in recovery).

Highlights include noshing on spicy Pad Thai wrapped in banana leaves, white sand between our toes, the rhythmic thwunk-thwunk of wooden longboat hulls slapping the sea. Elephant crossing signs at every turn, markets smelling of pungent fish sauce, flowers, and incense. And heat, everywhere heat. Melting, oppressive, gloriously overpowering heat that made us move no quicker than sloths.

And although I did suffer from two bouts of food poisoning, it’s all in good fun. And my immune system has been a rockstar ever since, knock on wood.

Stay tuned for Part II, coming soon! In addition to playing with tigers & burning our sinuses during Thai cooking class, I’ll retell a little story about Thai food that I like to call, “Don’t Eat the Baby Carrots.”

In the meantime, infuse yourself with placebo Vitamin D…enjoy!

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