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It’s finally spring in Duluth, which means I’m doing cartwheels and jazz hands with reckless abandon. In case you’re unfamiliar with the quirks of us northern folk, it doesn’t take much to excite Minnesotans, trust me. 60 degree temps? Bring on the short sleeves & sunburn, baby! These past winter months have been full of travel, dreaming, and brewing up some fun projects. With spring emerging, it’s time for another batch of Boudoir Mini Sessions! And guess what? This time, I’ll be welcoming clients into my gorgeous new studio space in downtown Duluth. Read on for details & join the next wave of women embracing this experience!

Duluth Boudoir Mini Sessions



A few lovely words from previous clients!

“The most beautiful I have ever felt is the day I met Bailey Aro and played beneath her camera for awhile. Her pictures turned out fantastic and she is such a playful, funny, all around lovely lady – I felt like she was my best friend just minutes after starting to talk to her! Bailey, thank you SO much for the pictures and the wonderful experience. You were so great and helped me feel so comfortable that day, and I’m so happy with the pictures! You are amazing!”


“Thank you for the experience: the fun, the safe place to be brave and do something I’ve never done before! The entire deal…from getting there and being pampered with beautiful hair and makeup, the shooting time with you, laughing in my undies and then now the final product…it’s beautiful. Thank you for capturing me at 36, no big milestones, just regular me in the midst of a beautiful life.”


“Thank you so much for the photos! And the amazing experience! It was so much fun. I have never felt so empowered and so sexy in my skin like that before. It truly takes some talent and an inspiring personality bring that out in a woman and be able to capture it.”


“When I decided to do a boudoir photo shoot, I was really nervous about what it would actually be like…What was I going to wear? How would my hair and makeup look? All of those questions and more were running through my mind. I shared my pre-shoot questions with Bailey and she put me at ease right away! She shared an inspiration board with me of ideas for what to wear and assured me that the professionals who would be there to do my hair and makeup would take care of the rest. The morning of my shoot, I arrived a few minutes early, and Bailey along with her hair and makeup team were already there. I was greeted with smiles, a mimosa, and a little Beyonce in the background! I had an hour to relax and enjoy my mimosa while the stylists worked their magic. The whole time everyone was so friendly and made me feel really comfortable – Bailey especially. By the time the photo shoot began, the nerves were gone! Throughout the shoot Bailey made me feel empowered and even shared some of her own personal butterflies with me to help me feel at ease. If you are thinking about doing a boudoir photo shoot, I highly recommend having Bailey take your photos. She is truly genuine, and is amazing at what she does!”

– Kristen

“If you are reading this and thinking ‘Should I?’ JUST DO IT. Bailey is the bomb and makes you feel like Beyonce.”


Duluth Boudoir Photographer


What should I wear? Do I need to bring my own accessories etc.?

Bring a few items you feel fabulous in! Although two outfits is a perfect number for mini sessions, feel free to bring more. Think beyond lingerie, too: Consider bringing your favorite comfy blanket or flannel button-down! Also, think about your favorite lazy morning routines: Does they include a good book or a mug of coffee? Consider bringing those items with, too! When you book a session, I’ll send some outfit inspiration & ideas to get you started. To complement your look, I have a growing collection of beautiful wraps, jewelry, and blousy pieces for you to choose from.

Can I print my own photos?

Yes! You will receive a Print Release with your final gallery, but please beware of most consumer print labs, as the quality and consistency is often poor (I do have one lab I feel comfortable recommending, which I’ll share after your session!). Most clients invest in professional prints or a keepsake book. All mini sessions include a Petite Print Set, which includes your six favorite images printed 4×6 and gorgeously gift-wrapped. Additional product samples will be available for viewing at your session.

Will you airbrush my body?

The short answer: Nope!

Here’s the long answer: The core part of my purpose, my reason for doing this work, is because I believe in a world where real > retouched. Yes, all of your images will be thoughtfully hand-edited for color & contrast adjustments (and if you wake up with a blemish on the day of your session, I will absolutely take care of that!). However, I will not change the size or shape of your body, or remove anything permanent (like scars or wrinkles). Those things make you who you are! I will, however, guide you into beautiful light & natural poses that showcase your favorite features. It may sound funny, but my knowledge of light & posing are way more powerful than any Photoshop tools!

This experience is meant to change the way we view our bodies, and kick the world’s beauty standards to the curb. If you’re looking for someone who will dramatically change your body in Photoshop, I am not your girl (and that’s okay!).

Do you capture full nudity?

This is based on each woman’s comfort level. There are many tasteful ways to capture implied nudity without full exposure. Oftentimes, showing less can be even more sensual & elegant. Feel free to contact me directly & I’d be happy to answer any specific questions!

Will my images remain private?

By default, your images will be kept private. Should you feel comfortable sharing any of your images in a portfolio or online, I will first obtain written permission from you.



Duluth MN Boudoir Photographer

Keepsake Book

A custom 20-page album designed from 30-40 of your favorite images, featuring thick hardboard pages and a selection of gorgeous leather & linen covers. Available sizes: 10×10, 8×8 or 5×5.

From $325

Wooden Print Box

Your full set of images, printed on 4×6” ultra-thick lustre archival paper. Tucked in a lidded maple box with excelsior moss & silk ribbon. Handcrafted in our very own workshop!


Custom USB

Your full set of high resolution images presented on a beautiful maple 2 GB USB drive that is yours to keep. 


Petite Print Set (included with all Mini Sessions)

Your 6 favorite images printed on 4×6″ Lustre photographic paper and presented in a simple, elegant box with excelsior moss & satin ribbon.

+$0 (included)

Duluth Boudoir Mini Sessions



Sessions begin with 45 minutes of hair & makeup, followed by your 30-minute shoot. When booking, please note your preferred session time. Spots will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis, so get in touch soon!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

10:00 – 11:15 AM

11:00 AM – 12:15 PM

12:00 – 1:15 PM

1:00 – 2:15 PM

2:00 – 3:15 PM

3:00 – 4:15 PM

To secure your spot, a signed contract and $200 retainer payment are due upon booking, with the remaining balance due by your session date. Booking can conveniently be done online.

Contact Bailey & book your experience today!


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Minnesota Boudoir Photographer

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