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Meet The Hutchence Fam Fosters

Sleepless nights. A surge in Clorox wipe usage. Endless paper towels. Razor-sharp teeth. Puppy kisses that turn into “I’m-actually-biting-your-face-but-I’m-so-cute-I-get-away-with-it.” Nope, it’s not the Dog Mom Olympics; it’s our first fostering adventure! After spending a few years on our bucket list, fostering finally became a reality. In November, we attended foster training at Animal Allies. Then, a few days after Thanksgiving, we got the call: “Mom. Eight babies. Five days old. Arriving tonight. Ya up for it?” After a team huddle, we said a hearty, “Yeah, let’s do it!”

Of course, it hasn’t been a cakewalk. Fostering is tough work. If you’ve tuned into my Instagram stories, you know it’s not always cute & cuddly, but saving nine lives makes every effort worth it. Meet our cast of little nuggets (and mom) below!

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UPDATE: As of January 24th, all of the puppies are spoken for! If you’re looking for a sweet-tempered adult, the mom of the litter is still seeking her forever home! Get in touch for details.

Top Row:

Helga (Girl): This girl is sugar meets spice. We love her sweet lab face! In early weeks, she was full of sass, but as she’s grown, she’s mellowed into a real sweetie pie.

Erica (Girl): We think Erica looks most like mom, and with her petite stature & chill demeanor, she’ll take after mom in those departments, too!

Gromit (Boy): This not-so-little bear cub is the biggest of the bunch! He’s a vocal dude who loves a good snuggle, chasing tiny squeaker balls, and having woofing matches with his foster parents.

Speckles 1 (Girl): Check out those eyes! Speckles 1 is another favorite of ours. Between her gorgeous markings and strong snuggle drive, she’s a keeper.

Bottom Row:

Speckles 2 (Girl): The other speckled sister. This girl loves to play! Always the first to initiate tug-of-war or a good ol’ fashioned wrestling match, Speckles 2 will fit right in with an outgoing, active family.

Mowgli (Boy): Initially the runt of the litter, Mowgli is now on par with his siblings! He’s also our personal favorite. His motto is “Just vibin’.” At mealtime, when the rest of the brood gets rowdy, Mowgli patiently sits & waits for the puppy bowl to come to him.

Eric (Boy): Eric is the 10-speed bike of the bunch. Wanna nap & hang at home? Eric’s all there. Wanna get wild with your puppy pals & wrassle ’til you drop? That’s got Eric’s name written all over it.

Tank (Boy): Named for his impressive potbelly, this little guy is famous around the Hutchence household for his creative & ever-entertaining sleeping positions. We’ll miss you, Tank!


Meet Rosemary!

This two year-old mother of eight is as sweet as they come. She is excellent with other dogs, but doesn’t like playing too rough. She’d rather lounge on a cushy dog bed than run & play for hours. She’s a real lover. Whenever we stop by the shelter, she greets everyone with a happy groan & a wiggly butt. We are so excited to find her a loving home in the northland!


How old are they? As of today (January 12th), the babies are seven weeks and two days old. Mom (Rosemary) is approximately two years old.

Are they up for adoption? Tell me more! Soon! Once they’ve been fixed in a week or two, they will be available for adoption. In the meantime, we have a list of interested families looking to adopt. We will be facilitating the adoptions outside of the shelter, so if you’d like details, contact me (Bailey) directly!

What about mom? Is she up for adoption, too? Yes! Her name is Rosemary, a two year-old Doberman/Lab mix. Once she has been spayed (date TBD), she will also be available for adoption.

For how long will you have them in foster care? Per Animal Allies’ adoption policy, all pups must be fixed, microchipped, and vaccinated prior to adoption. If all goes to plan, the pups could be going to their forever homes the week of January 23rd.

Will you keep one? Nope! The idea behind fostering is to keep fostering in the future, so for now, we’re stickin’ to a one-dog household.

For daily pupdates, follow @BaileyAro on Instagram, and be sure to click on my profile photo for behind-the-scenes goodness!

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