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It all started in a hotel suite overlooking Lake Superior.

Five years ago, I hosted my first-ever Boudoir Sessions, where I fell in love with helping women find confidence & joy in their own skin.

Today, that dream has led to a bright & airy studio in Downtown Duluth, where I serve clients year-round with the boudoir experience.

Boudoir Sessions are as much about gorgeous images as they are about the experience itself. My approach is light, fun, energizing, and empowering! I walk my clients through every step of the experience, helping each woman feel comfortable & loved while in front of my lens.

A boudoir session is for any woman who wants to embrace her body, spark self-confidence, and celebrate her infinite potential.

to find confidence & joy in their own skin

I'm a boudoir photographer based in Duluth, MN serving clients throughout Minnesota & Wisconsin!

My happy place is connecting with women, making them feel at home in their skin, and capturing their authentic selves. I'm not into Photoshop -- no heavy airbrushing up in here! You're already amazing, in case ya needed a reminder! ;) I walk my clients through every step of the process, so there's no need to bring poses or Pinterest ideas! 

Boudoir Sessions are about SO MUCH MORE than just gorgeous images. They're a complete experience designed to spark confidence & celebrate you!

Not sure if you're ready for a Boudoir Session? Butterflies are 100% normal. Keep scrolling for answers to all your questions!

hey, i'M Bailey!

Creative soul. Dog mom. Adventure-seeker meets homebody. 

the boudoir suite

my natural light studio in Downtown Duluth

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Lately in The Boudoir Suite

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"My first boudoir session was such a fantastic experience. Bailey is such an excellent photographer to work with. She'll make you feel so welcomed and comfortable! I remember when I first booked my mini session I was so back and forth about it. I thought to myself 'I'm going to be in my undies .... in front of a camera... Can I really do this?' I was so nervous. I thought I need to lose weight and get toned for it. I felt so insecure, but then I booked it, and ladies, listen to me: If you're back and forth about doing it, just do it,
trust me!

The day of the session, I was so excited I couldn't handle it! I was in such a great mood that morning. Once I arrived at my session, I was greeted by the lovely hair and makeup team with mimosas and I was in heaven. Once they were done, I was so stunned at their phenomenal work, I was in love! During my shoot Bailey made me feel so comfortable and confident! There were so many giggles, and stories shared that I can't wait to do another session someday! I was so happy I decided to do this session because I know I would be kicking myself saying 'you should have done that,' because the images are to die for. If you are here reading this review, I have three words for you 'Just Do It' - you won't regret it!

Thank you so much for making that day so wonderful and fun! I can't wait to plan
another session."

from my clients

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"Having boudoir photos of myself have never been high on my list of things to do in life... until I read about what Bailey stands for. True, unaltered photos of strong women who make the best of their lives and those around them. No photoshop. This both scared me and excited me- yeah I have scars that make me blush and love handles that make me wiggle into my jeans, but that’s me! That’s also 100% of the reason why I chose Bailey to do my boudoir when the chance arose: my first wedding anniversary with my hubby.

Don’t get me wrong, I was scared as all heck! I even thought about turning around and going home on my way to the photo shoot- but I reminded myself of what Bailey stands for, and in turn, reminded myself what I stand for. Real, beautiful women who want real, beautiful pictures. Yes I was nervous, but it was hella-fun to be glammed up and treated like the crowned princess I am inside. Not only did Bailey encourage me to embrace fabulous natural lighting and the way my body moves, but the finished images made my husband swoon!

P.S. he had to carry my finished photo book all over the house because he couldn’t stop looking at the pictures long enough to make a cup of coffee. If that doesn’t make you want to strip down to your skivvies with a mimosa in hand, talk to Bailey - she’s the coolest."

from my clients

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"My boudoir session with Bailey was nothing short of life changing! After booking, I thought I had to lose some weight. If I was going to be investing in these photos for a lifetime then I had to look my very best. Well surprise! The weight didn’t come off, but I didn’t care. When I’m 50 years old I don’t want to say, 'I wish I would have done that boudoir shoot…I looked so hot at 24, but I thought I was too big!' So I went in headfirst knowing that if not today, that SOMEDAY I’d be able to show myself some grace. That “someday” came a lot sooner than I expected it to. I was absolutely floored when I got my photos back! While going through my gallery, the 'oohs' and 'ahhs' were continuous! Somehow each new photo I saw became my 'favorite'. I am pretty sure I said out loud, 'Is this really me?' During my session I never felt super posed or uncomfortable. It felt like I was at coffee shop catching up with an old friend! We held a conversation while Bailey held the camera and made me feel like a mega babe. Probably once a week I look back on my photos and say, 'That’s ME!' when I need a pick me up. A boudoir session with Bailey is simply worth it. YOU are simply worth it! "

from my clients

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"Thank you for the experience: The fun, safe place to be brave and do something I've never done before! The entire deal, from getting there and being pampered with beautiful hair & makeup, the shooting time with you, laughing in my undies, and now the final product...it's beautiful. Thank you for capturing me at 36, no big milestones, just regular me in the midst of a beautiful life."

from my clients

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"There’s nothing more intimidating than being in front of a camera, let alone in revealing clothing. That was my biggest concern, but by the end of my session I couldn’t have felt more beautiful, more special, more amazing. Bailey is an AMAZING photographer and person. She’s got an eye to bring out your most beautiful traits, traits we may not even realize are beautiful. I’d do it all over again!"

from my clients

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"I was so nervous about doing a boudoir shoot. Picking what to wear was stressful and I never really felt ready to do it...until I stepped in front of Bailey’s camera. She made everything feel comfortable and effortless! I left my session feeling the best I’ve ever felt, inside and out. I waited so long to just dive into it, and now I would do it again in a heartbeat!
Bailey is the absolute best!" 

from my clients

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"If you are reading this and thinking 'Should I?'...JUST DO IT. Bailey is the bomb and makes you feel like Beyonce."

from my clients

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from my clients

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The Boudoir Experience begins at $575, and always includes 1+ hour of shooting time at Bailey's studio in Downtown Duluth, your full set of finished images (complete with digital downloads), and an amazing experience!

Upgrade options include luxury prints + albums, along with Professional Hair & Makeup.

Flexible payment plans are available.

Sessions often book 2-3+ months in advance, so get in touch soon for availability!


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