with bailey aro

Are you ready to create powerful momentum
in your life + business?

Then pull up a seat.

You're never short on big ideas...but putting them
into action?

Now that's a different story.

Are you tired of dreaming big, but never quite following through? Do you often feel stuck, like you’re paralyzed?

First, have a little grace with yourself. 

Then remember: You were put on this earth to use your gifts! And those dreams on your heart? They’re not pie-in-the-sky; they’re the compass to your purpose.

You're never short on big ideas...
but putting them into action?

Your dreams are the compass to your purpose.

read that again:

What if...

you had the clarity + confidence to turn your dreams into reality?

» Confidence knowing exactly what your next action steps are.

» A sense of powerful momentum as you turn your goals from dusty dreams on the shelf...into reality!

» Peace of mind knowing that you're not alone, that you have someone in your corner wholeheartedly cheering you on...who's been right where you are.

» Genuine excitement about what’s next (which will help you keep going when things get challenging)

Imagine if you felt...

» Open-book access to my 12+ years of experience as a photographer & three-time entrepreneur

» Custom-tailored recommendations for you + your business

» Helpful mindset tools to keep you moving forward no matter what comes your way

» A set of fun, inspiring prep questions before your first session (a chance to look inward, visualize, and get real about your goals + dreams!)

» Optional weekly check-ins for ongoing mentorships (keeping you accountable as you move toward your goals!)

the power of

Mentoring with Bailey

here's what you'll get:

So, why Bailey?

because i've been right where you are.

The self-doubt. The uncertainty. The crushing sense of "How do I even do this?" and "Will it be worth the risk?"

I've been there. And I'll be there again, right alongside you. 

You see, I started my journey as a photographer 12 years ago, and got a crash course in entrepreneur life. 

About five years in, I started thinking "What's next?" and launched my second company, White Spruce Market, a business centered on curated gift boxes. I pivoted from being a service-based business to learning the ins & outs of retail, e-commerce, and product sales. 

Shortly after that, my husband & I started a third business: Cedar Bound, specializing in buildable kits of innovative glamping structures. 


A healthy dose of falling down & getting right back up again.

and through it all?

Full disclosure: I'm not just gonna give you a blueprint called "Bailey's Guide to Being Business Lady" (what fun is that, anyway??).

Instead, I'll help you create your own blueprint based on your unique definition of success (because only you get to determine what success looks like for you!).

Beyond sharing insight + wisdom to elevate your business, I'll equip you with mindset tools to...

» Help you get unstuck & start moving forward whenever you feel paralyzed

» Help you move from a fear & scarcity mindset into an abundance mindset

» Help you release any old patterns or habits that no longer serve you

Gain clarity around your goals ✔️

Build confidence in taking action ✔️

Grow more comfortable with taking risks ✔️

Manage your thoughts + mindset better ✔️

Create a life based on your own definition of success ✔️

Develop healthy boundaries around work & business ✔️

OK, quick recap »   

aka "why mentoring is the"

Goal setting (& doing!)
Social Media
Workflow & efficiency
Photography & Editing
Client Experience
Starting your 2nd, 3rd or 4th business
Navigating fear, overwhelm & comparison
Collaboration ideas
Content Creation
Growing & scaling your business
Diversifying your revenue streams
Growing your team

...and more!


What is required to book a Mentoring Session package?

A signed contract & non-refundable retainer payment are required to secure your spot. The final balance is due by your session, and flexible payment plans are available.

Where do sessions take place?

Sessions can take place via Zoom, or in-person in Duluth, MN.

Do you offer weekend sessions?

I am currently offering Mentoring Sessions on select weekdays. Email me for availability!

Do you offer a free consultation before booking?

At this time, I am unable to offer free consultations. However, if you need help deciding if we're a good fit, I'd be happy to hop on a 10-minute call to answer any questions for you! Email me for details.

I need photos! Can I add a headshot or brand session to my mentoring package?

Absolutely! My mentees receive special session rates. Keep scrolling for details!


Example topics include...

the details


For a limited time:

Six 90 minute mentoring sessions, either in-person or via Zoom.


For a limited time:

Three 90 minute mentoring sessions, either in-person or via Zoom.


For a limited time:

One 90 minute mentoring session, either in-person or via Zoom.


For a limited time:

One 45 minute mentoring session via Zoom.

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“I’m ready to make waves in my life + business!
I have big goals for the year ahead & would love ongoing coaching and accountability.”

if this is you:

“I’m ready to dive in and uplevel my life + business! I have one or more goals that I’d like to bring to life this year.”

if this is you:

“I’d like to try out mentoring, but I’m not ready to commit to an ongoing mentorship quite yet.”

“I have a specific problem that I need help navigating right now!”

if this is you:

if this is you:


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is the best package for you


is the best package for you


is the best package for you