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Mini Mentoring Sessions in The Little Black Barn

January 30, 2018

For years, I craved a dedicated space where I could dream, create, and share with others. After hours spent with my nose pressed against car windows in Iceland and in my husband’s native England, the concept for The Little Black Barn was…

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Q & A with Associate Photographer Chelsea

November 30, 2017

Your Name: Chelsea Dobs
Your Team Role: Associate Wedding Photographer
Your three-sentence bio. Ready, go!
Lover of tall pines, peanut butter, and eucalyptus. Boy mom & dog mom. Married to a tall glass of water that tries to keep me…

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Meet Chelsea: Associate Wedding Photographer

November 8, 2017

First, let’s go back to 2008…

It started as a dream: A flicker, really. A college sophomore diving into her first photography class with her dad’s old Pentax K1000. The satisfying weight of a camera in-hand, the fluttering heart of a…

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