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Lara, Matt, Ralph & Ginger: In-Home Session with Dogs + Beer

There are times when I find a couple who just gets me.

Their love for cheese, snuggling, and licking up wayward beer spills  is eternal, like mine.

Meet Ralph & Ginger: A duo of Golden Retrievers who happen to be siblings from different litters!  Their human parents are okay, too (enter Lara + Matt, whose North Shore wedding was the stuff of my dreams! See it here).

One year after their September 2017 wedding, they invited me over. Ralph had just rolled in a dead fish, so was lookin’ mighty fresh from his bath. Snickerdoodles were in the oven. I made Lara + Matt sit on their living room floor (as you do) for a literal dog pile moment while they cracked open some local brews. I totally overstayed my welcome, because there were 10,000 cute things to photograph in their charming-as-heck 1920’s home.

Let me be clear: If, at any point in this blog post, you’re like “Omahgoodness, these photos give me life!”, I am now booking In-Home Sessions! Think slice of life. In your happy place. Dogs. Beer. Snacks. Send me a love note (or carrier pigeon) and let’s get something on the calendar like, right this minute (FYI I’m allowed to be pushy when I’m this jazzed about a session!).

All right, let’s dive in.

I hope you like dogs.



Now Booking In-Home Sessions,

like dis one!

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