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rising tide society

As the Duluth chapter of The Rising Tide Society approaches its 3rd birthday, I realize I’ve never blogged about it (CRAZY!).

Here’s what you need to know:

The Rising Tide Society is a group of creative entrepreneurs meeting monthly in the spirit of community over competition. We meet on the second Tuesday of each month (hence the name: TuesdaysTogether!) to discuss small business topics & build community in the local creative industry.

With nearly 500 chapters worldwide, Rising Tide is a global movement. It all started nearly four years ago in Annapolis, Maryland, where a few lonely photographers sipped wine & spoke about how isolating entrepreneurship can be for creatives. They craved a space to share camaraderie, knowledge, and support. From that fateful night forward, The Rising Tide Society grew from a few groups on the eastern seaboard into a worldwide movement of 430+ chapters.

Shortly after Rising Tide was born, I felt a seed planted within me. It was this tiny inner voice that kept urging me, “Start a chapter. Start a chapter. You NEED to start the Duluth chapter. You’re the one, B.”

Of course, I ignored this voice for a good ten months. Instead, I thought:

“I’m not worthy.”

“Why me?”

“What will they say?”

…you know, all the usual self-deprecating dialogue.

rising tide society

Finally, in early 2016, I applied to be a chapter leader. In May of that year, we held our kickoff meeting at Clyde Iron Works & I pretty much bawled when over 40 people showed up.

Needless to say, I was—and continue to be—blown away by our vibrant, engaged business community. Duluth is a creative utopia of sorts: A place where business owners open their hearts & embrace this universal truth:

We rise by lifting others.

Each month, we have a topic set forth by Rising Tide, along with a PDF guide full of helpful articles & tips from industry leaders. Topics have included Social Media, Client Experience, Workflow & Automation, SEO, Pinterest, Mental Wellness, Protecting Your Business, Pricing, Branding, Passive Income, and much more! Often, we’ll have a guest speaker lead our conversation. Other times, we’ll have a panel of community members share their experiences. We also mix in small group discussion, happy hour gatherings, and a yearly philanthropy project.

Apart from all of the above, our community members support one another fiercely & I’ve witnessed countless friendships form. I’m reminded daily that we all crave (& deserve) genuine connection. Our community is making big waves (of the fierce, Lake Superior variety).

The coolest part about Rising Tide? All chapters are 100% free & led by local volunteer leaders. As a volunteer effort providing free resources to the creative business community, we’re always grateful when businesses open their doors to us. Duluth has a giant heart for small business & the arts in particular, so we’ve been fortunate to always have fun, inspiring spaces to gather in!

rising tide society

Who can join?

We welcome all creative-minded business owners! Our local Duluth group includes…artists, photographers, makers, event planners, designers, videographers, metalsmiths, jewelry makers, yoga practitioners, writers, boutique owners, and even a few realtors, accountants, and financial advisors (plus many more not mentioned here!). We’re not a typical networking group, so we refrain from pitching our products & services during the meetups. If you’re seeking community, education, and support, we would love to have you!

Interested in joining?

Join our chapter Facebook group for monthly meeting details, fun opportunities & weekly prompts.

Questions about TuesdaysTogether Duluth? Shoot me a message here.

Not from the Duluth, MN area? Click here to join your local chapter (or start your own!).

rising tide societyrising tide societyrising tide society

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