Wednesday Wanderings

Wednesday Wanderings: The Lake District

It’s been awhile since my last Wednesday Wandering, mostly because I’ve been busy wandering!  I am “living” in Wales until May, which is the natural course for a young lady with a British fiancé. We do a lot of back-and-forth. 

Life has been busy-busy, full of long work hours and steadily warming days. “The Crud” is going around, so instead of guzzling DayQuil, I’m sipping Lemsip, the UK’s lemony-menthol equivalent.

It’s nearly spring here: a season of new opportunity, frolicking lambs, and Six Nations rugby.

It’s a happy time.

Last weekend, we ventured up to Blackpool, my fiancé’s hometown. On the way, we scooped up one of my dear Duluthian friends from Liverpool. She was over visiting friends and attending a wedding.

We introduced her to some of the finer points of British life, including thatched pubs, cheesey chips (with three e’s), and the Lake District. Below you’ll find a few captures from the latter of those three. Somehow cheesey chips are much better consumed than photographed.

These were snapped atop Kirkstone Pass at the third highest pub in the UK, the Kirkstone Pass Inn. Oftentimes during the winter months, the pass is closed due to snow. It’s a cozy inn with a beautiful vista. (I’ve included a half pint to counterbalance the lack of cheesey chips.) 





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