Get out and play this weekend!

A quick micro-blog post for this Octobery weekend!

Life has been busy lately. Crazy busy. Like, back-to-back double-header wedding weekends busy. 

New changes are kicking in: my yard is layered in crunchy leaves, my soul is fueled by a new job in a creative environment, and my heart is patiently awaiting immigration progress. For those new to this blog, my husband-to-be is a Brit and we are currently navigating the murky waters of the immigration process.

Deep breath: it will all work out.

I am the sort of person who sets her mind to something and can’t be derailed. I get a rush from making things happen, especially when my abilities are questioned.

“Exactly how are you going to do that?”

Watch and see. 🙂


So, the sky is misting this morning, the yellow maple leaves hang sparse on the neighbor’s tree outside my office window. Hoping for a few rays of sun to emerge. A drive up the North Shore sounds good for the soul today, along with some chai tea.

After this post, I’ll head to the kitchen and rouse the kettle (the electric kettle, that is). This baby is my favorite kitchen appliance, if I can have one. Everyone on the British Isle has an electric kettle, and I don’t understand why they didn’t make the leap across the pond with Harry Potter and the Ghostly Beatles. In my humble opinion, everyone in America should have an electric kettle. And that’s my campaign for today.

I’m off to brew a cuppa.




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