Charity & Joe Part Two: WedFest in the North Woods

Hello, y’all!

It’s that magic time in January when we start to feel the lull. It’s the calm after Christmas, and though the days keep getting longer, they’re lacking that punch of Vitamin D we all need. Spring is still a few months off, but it’s this time of year that makes me truly appreciate four distinct seasons. I have itchy feet, but not to travel: to capture weddings, to be barefoot and energized. To barbecue, to be by the lake, to play in fresh air. Open windows, hallelujah!

Instead of gettin’ the blues, drink in some summer sunshine today. Relive it through images. It’s therapy, I promise. 🙂

Part two of Charity & Joe’s divine wedding-in-the-woods. Ready, set, breath it in.


Ceremony & Reception Location: Pinewoods Retreat Center at Camp Miller // Flowers: Designed by a family member



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