Nikki & Danial: A Lovely Lake Superior Engagement Session

Happy Tuesday, my dears!

One of my greater intentions for 2014 is to blog more. But not just blogging: really digging deep & sharing the images and words that continue to bubble out of me.

I am a wordsmith at heart, and nothing excites me more than sharing life insights & love stories from my little corner of the world. I want so much more of that.

So, here goes! How’s this for accountability? I am going to blog every day this week. Eek! Let’s see what this sparks…

Today, I’m sharing Nikki & Danial’s lovely engagement session, captured on the edge of Lake Superior. This was back in late November, mere moments before it started snowing (and still hasn’t quite stopped).

Nikki & Danial captured my heart with their story of strength, overcoming the distance & unique challenges of being a military couple. To borrow a phrase from my friends in the South, their marriage is bound to be “stronger than a Southern oak!”

But oh, the colors, the light, the couple! Heavens, I am in love with this sweet shoot.



Much Love,


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