Boudoir: How to Say It & Embrace It



[ ˈbo͞oˌdwär ]



1. a woman’s bedroom or private room
2. Bailey’s definition: An experience designed to focus on & celebrate you, right now, in all your radiant beauty.


About a year ago, I felt a quiet tug on my heart to capture women & help them celebrate their own gorgeousness. Thus began my Luxury Boudoir Sessions for women.

The “luxury” part of the experience isn’t meant to be overblown or extravagant. Although I include a hotel room with all of my collections (& a glass of bubbly on arrival, of course!), my goal is to keep things simple, fun, and empowering for my lovely clients.

Sure, a boudoir session might give you butterflies — but that’s totally normal! I hear this all the time from women: “I promise, I don’t normally do things like this!” as if Boudoir is taboo. I want to remove that stigma.

There is nothing “dirty” or forbidden about a Boudoir session. The experience is about celebrating you, which, let’s face it, can be a tough thing for American women to embrace.

Boudoir is about beauty. It’s about capturing you in the present, from your artful curves to your authentic laughter. It might include lace & lingerie, or your cutest PJ shorts. It could mean yoga pants, or a men’s white dress shirt. The resulting images may be a gift for your honey, or a gift for yourself. Sometimes it’s both, and that’s beautiful, too.

Often, my gals will elect to have hair & makeup done on-site. They’ll roll out of bed & head to our hotel, where I await with mimosas & muffins. Usually my fave ladies from The Colour Lounge will be there to doll you up. They’ll ask a few questions about your hair & makeup, to ensure you are 100% comfortable with the finished look. Whether you prefer a natural glow or a more glam vibe, they’ll tailor your look to fit your personality & style. This is a great time to unwind & release your jitters before we start shooting. We’ll share some girl talk, and in less than an hour, you’ll be ready to roll!

Although we focus a lot on what you wear & how you look, the purpose of Boudoir runs deeper. Time & again, I witness real, raw transformation during my sessions. Almost every woman arrives feeling nervous (like I said, butterflies are normal). But within a half hour of shooting, her demeanor changes. She stands a little taller, her eyes shine a little brighter, and a natural glow starts to radiate.

And not to worry — my clients are real women with zero modeling experience. Just bring your pretty self, then leave the movement & direction up to me. Sometimes I’ll guide you or give you a little activity to get you giggling. At other times, I’ll observe how you move naturally & capture that authenticity. I will be there to coach you every step of the way & help you love what your mama gave you!

For complete details on Luxury Boudoir Sessions, check out some of my latest work. To book, get in touch here. Now is the time to book your session in time for Valentine’s Day 2015!

Thanks to the gorgeous Eva for giving me the opportunity to share a few images from her session!

Eva-1282014-09-18_00010042014-09-18_0002Eva-101 Eva-100

Hair: McKenzie McCullough – The Colour Lounge // Makeup: Jamie Snyder – The Colour Lounge

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