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You’ve heard me chatter about branding a ton this year, right? It’s been quite a journey! The reason I devote so much time & energy to my brand may surprise you:

I want to repel people.

Yep — I said it. Sound a little harsh? Not necessarily.

Look at it this way: When you put yourself out there authentically (whether in business or personal life), you’re bound to both attract & repel people. Not everyone loves my style, and that’s A-OK. I don’t want to be the photographer for everyone. I want to be the photographer for the select few who love my unique energy & what I can bring to their wedding day.


In order for me to truly serve my clients, I need them to fully embrace my style & approach. To them, it should be a no-brainer, this heartfelt decision. Each time I sit down with a new couple, I say, “Whether you ultimately chose me or not, I want you to trust your wedding photographer with your whole hearts.” In order for us to work our magic as artists, trust is cornerstone.

I make a big point to include my brides & grooms in the process equally. I recognize that each couple’s dynamic is unique: For many, the bride does most of the communication & planning. For some, the groom loves the logistics of making it all come together. For others, planning the wedding is an equally-shared effort.

Today I want to reach out to my future brides specifically: I can’t wait to meet you & learn your beautiful stories! Read on to see if we might be a good fit…

The Bailey Aro Bride loves pretty details, but values her people & memories much more. Let’s face it: Real life does not equal Pinterest life. Real life is way better, even if it lacks the perceived perfection we see on the beautifully-styled interwebs. Whether you’re wearing a potato sack or a handmade bridal gown, I will capture your radiant laughter & gorgeous spirit. Paper plates or fine china for dinner? Doesn’t matter. Although intentionally chosen details are amazing, remember this: Your love is central.


The Bailey Aro Bride doesn’t fear a dirty wedding dress hem. She’s willing to venture into grassy feels, tromp on muddy trails, and balance barefoot on fallen trees. She’s up for the adventure, not only for the resulting images, but because it nourishes her soul. And in case a stain arises, I’ll be ready with chalk & Tide-to-Go pens  — works like a charm!.

Jess & Jack-102

The Bailey Aro Bride values emotion & real moments. She’s not afraid to bubble over with happy tears (waterproof mascara: check!). It’s those real, raw moments she wants to relish & remember. When she looks back on her wedding day, she wants to see authenticity pouring from the four corners of her photographs.

Shayne and Ryan-116

The Bailey Aro Bride trusts her wedding professionals to the moon & back. She believes that premium services are worth the investment, but she also knows how to prioritize what matters most for her wedding day. In terms of importance, photography generally tops the charts for the Bailey Aro Bride.

At the core of things, the Bailey Aro Bride & Groom prefer to forge their own traditions. Rather than focusing on trends or fads, they focus on building an authentic life based on what matter most. Creating a meaningful legacy trumps all.


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