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Three Myths About Boudoir

Minnesota Boudoir Photographer

1. It’s a scary experience.

When you do something outside of your comfort zone, it can be jitter-inducing. That means we’re human! Give yourself permission to feel those butterflies. “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” I do this everyday, whether in my business or personal life. It can be scary, pushing the envelope. But when you say “yes” to new experiences, good stuff happens.

Apart from welcoming the butterflies, you should know: Most women leave their session hugging me, saying, “Girl! I had no idea why I was nervous in the first place. This was so easy & fun!” Putting these women at ease & seeing true transformation makes my heart soar. To read love letters from previous clients, head here.

2. Boudoir is pornography.

Ladies (and any gentlemen reading this), let’s take a stand. Boudoir does not equal pornography. As with any style of photography, there are many different interpretations of boudoir. In my corner of the world, Boudoir is elegant, authentic and empowering. Inspired by soft, luminous light and real women with authentic stories & flaws, I capture the fine art of the female form. It’s never tasteless or tawdry. I repeat, Boudoir is not pornography. Next time someone says otherwise, set ’em straight, ladies & gents!

3. I don’t deserve a Boudoir experience, because (insert excuse here).

Oh, I hear these ALL the time:

“I need to lose five, ten, 25 pounds first.”

“I don’t have time.”

“It’s selfish.”

The core issue here extends beyond Boudoir Sessions. Be honest: When was the last time you treated yourself to something (gasp!) just for you?  Having lived abroad & also being married to a European, I see this as a cultural phenomenon. Most Americans are fundamentally incapable of treating themselves. It’s guilt-inducing. We don’t deserve it. The truth? We are too damn hard on ourselves. Not to get all New Age-y, but self-love matters. We can love others best when we take care of ourselves first. It can be anything: Getting a massage, booking a boudoir session, eating that donut just because it’s deep-fried bliss. Heck, in some European cultures, people get daily massages, and not as a fluffy pampering experience, but as a medically-based routine maintenance program.  Allow yourself to experience life’s pleasures. Invest in your emotional & physical wellness. Say yes to donuts, or whatever your “donut” is.

Okay, let’s talk about the weight loss excuse. If you’ve never been satisfied with your body, what makes you think you’ll be happy when you reach a certain number? In all likelihood, you will continue reaching for the next milestone. You’ll continue magnifying your flaws, or creating new ones in your mind. We have to start seeing ourselves differently, or the vicious cycle will continue. I don’t say this to discourage you. This is a wakeup call. Stop fixating on what your body looks like, and start celebrating the amazing things it can do. It can climb mountains, grow tiny humans, and run marathons. It houses a capable heart and a big sexy brain. Still need some encouragement? Apart from Guru-in-Chief of Bailey Aro Photography, I am the Queen of Pep Talks. Drop me a note, I’d love to connect & encourage you.

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Minnesota Boudoir Photographer

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