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A Huge Announcement for Bailey Aro Boudoir!

Duluth Boudoir Photographer

Welcome to 2016, lovelies!

My coffee is strong, my heart is giddy! After several years of hard work & big dreams, I am thrilled to share a HUGE announcement for Bailey Aro Boudoir today. 

But first, a little back story…

When I say I’m friends with other photographers, people look at me funny. As in, they think I’m downright bananas. This may sound weird, but many Duluth photographers hang out together, share advice & referrals, go on adventures, and grow our businesses side-by-side. Often I hear whispers of concern: “But that’s her competition! What is Bailey thinking, fraternizing with the enemy? Won’t that hurt her business?”

I have to giggle. Where do we get these silly ideas? Life is too short to get hung up on competition and comparison. We all have something unique to offer, and we rise in lifting others, so why not share the journey?

Duluth Boudoir Photographer

Two Girl Bosses, One Dream

One of my dearest industry friends is Amanda of Duluth-based JaneCane Photography. Amanda and I are kindred spirits, fierce girl bosses, and crazy dog moms (we also happen to do life with bearded boys who work in the craft beer industry). Together, we ride the roller coaster of solo entrepreneurship. Without this gal, my journey would be much lonelier!

About two years ago, we had an idea — a spark, really. What if we could share a simple studio space here in Duluth? We’d still run our own separate businesses, but together we could deliver truly amazing experiences four our clients, and continue supporting one another along the way.

Last month, the stars aligned. In a whirlwind twist of fate, we found the perfect space! With my most enthusiastic jazz hands, I am overjoyed to announce our new natural light boudoir studio in Downtown Duluth! Located in a historic Duluth building, our space features tall windows, clean white walls, elegant furnishings, and ample space to sip mimosas & be pampered. Amanda and I will continue serving our respective clients, but in the spirit of community, growing our heartfelt businesses together.

So, what does this mean for me?

I will now be offering full-length Boudoir Experiences on a weekly basis! Up to this point, I’ve been focusing on Mini Sessions, which are pint-sized versions of the complete experience. Although Minis have been wildly successful, I’m excited to dig deeper & truly serve women with the complete experience.

After sprucing up our space (I’m covered in paint as I type this), I will be inviting clients into the space for full-length sessions! Session openings & investment details have just been released: Click here for details! In addition, I’ll be offering quarterly Mini Session Weekends (dates to be announced). If you’re not signed up for the VIP Email List, hop to it! You’ll be the first to know when new details are released.

Sign up for the VIP Email List here

Duluth Boudoir Photographer


Calling All Twin Ports Hair & Makeup Artists!

We are seeking several personable, talented hair & makeup artists for future Boudoir Sessions. Our list of go-to professionals is growing & we would love to hear from you! By merging our talents, we can deliver truly amazing experiences for our clients. Interested? Drop me a love note for details!


With Love & Gratitude

Above all, thank you to our friends, family, and clients for supporting our big dreams! A major shoutout goes to our handsome fellas, who always cheer us on, paint the hard-to-reach trim, and lay laminate flooring like a boss. We love you, and we’ll buy you a pint (or 60). For a behind-the-scenes look at our studio coming to life, follow @BaileyAro and @JaneCanePhotography on Instagram!

Boudoir Image Above – Hair: McKenzie McCullough, Verde Salon // Makeup: Jamie Snyder, Illusions Hair Design

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