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Amanda, Drew & Cooper: Lifestyle Session by Bailey

Sometimes, you’re lucky enough to find a pal in your industry — and if you’re really lucky, that pal turns into a forever-friend.

By all accounts, Amanda of JaneCane Photography is my “direct competition,” but we’ve never seen it that way. Her success doesn’t diminish mine; my light doesn’t dim hers. We’re each others’ biggest cheerleaders, and a soft place to land when entrepreneur life gets rough (which it often does).

Apart from the obvious similarities (Lake Superior-loving photographers, obsessed with our dogs, Duluth-born Finnish-Irish only children), we’re also married to bearded boys who’ve both worked in the local beer industry  (yes, they were even at the same brewery together for a few years!).

If you’ve followed Amanda for awhile, you’re probably familiar with their story + what they’re currently walking through.  So it was an honor  to capture this season for them — even if it doesn’t look how they’d imagined by now.

And therein lies my biggest advice:

Capture the messy middle.

You (& your life) are not a finished product, but an ever-evolving work of art. Show up for your life, bottle it up, and remember:

“There is a crack in everything (that’s how the light gets in).” – Leonard Cohen

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