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Small Business Mentoring for Creative Entrepreneurs and Photographers

I offer small business mentoring for creative entrepreneurs and photographers, helping them move toward their goals quickly and with purpose! I work with…photographers, shop owners, artists, makers, multi-passionate entrepreneurs, and many others. So, what the heck does a mentoring experience *actually* look like? 

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What does a Mentoring experience typically look like?

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. You might be feeling…restless, stuck, or ready to take your ideas from dream to reality (but are unsure how to get there). You might be a budding business owner, or a few years in & ready for the next chapter. You could be experiencing frustration in one or more of the following areas: Workflow & client communication, your marketing or social media strategy, time management, or scaling your business / growing a team.


2. You reach out to me (Bailey!) through my website (click here to connect).


3. I’ll ask a few questions about your goals + needs to ensure we’re a good fit! I’ll even recommend which mentoring option is best, based on your needs. My mentoring options include single, one-off sessions or ongoing mentoring, plus fun add-ons like a mini headshot or brand session, if ya need it! We can meet in-person or via Zoom, depending on your comfort level & location (I’m based in Duluth, MN, but can serve mentees worldwiiiide ✌🏼).


4. I’ll send your booking link, where you can make the first payment. This is where it gets exciting!


5. Once you book, I’ll send a fun li’l questionnaire your way, covering everything from your brand’s origin story, to self-reflection on your life + business, and even a few fun visualization exercises. This will be the springboard for our time working together! It will also help clarify what your priorities & top goals are, so we can use our time together powerfully. 👊🏼


6. We’ll meet for your first session! I take an intuitive approach to mentoring, always starting with this question: What would be a great result of our time together today? If you’re not quite sure, that’s OK too! I have plenty of ways to jumpstart our session. My biggest advice? Come with an open mind. Sometimes, there may be underlying mindset blocks or beliefs that need to be worked through before you can move forward effectively, and I can help coach you through them. Mentoring sessions are a combination of coaching & consulting. My goal is help you see the answers + potential paths already within you, instead of dictating my own ideas and strategies (although I’m always happy to share examples of how something can be done effectively!).


7. At the end of the session: If we haven’t already, we’ll put our next session on the calendar. If you booked a single session, I’ll ask if another session would be beneficial (as always, zero pressure!).


8. If you’re an ongoing mentee, I provide optional weekly check-ins, usually via text or email. I can follow-up on a specific task or goal you’re working towards, send you gentle reminders, or just a general friendly touch-base. Use me however you need! If you need additional support between your sessions, you can always send me a note. Often I’m able to answer in a quick email, but if it’s a more in-depth topic, I may recommend a 30 minute call.


9. If you’re doing a series of sessions (popular packages include 3, 6, or 12 sessions), I’ll ask toward the end of your series if you’d like to keep working together, or take a break. As always, this is 100% based on your needs!


10. Every mentoring experience includes open-book access to my 12+ years as a serial entrepreneur & photographer, resources and tools to help you keep moving forward well beyond our time together, and infinite encouragement! I fiercely believe in your vision, and am here to cheer you on 💛



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