ready, set, pivot

Do you need to change gears in your business? Maybe you feel paralyzed or stumped on what to do next. Now more than ever, it's essential that you grow comfortable with pivoting & adapting in your business! This workbook was made for the small business owner who's ready to cut through the fog, get clear on your purpose, and make confident decisions on where to go next in your business (especially when you feel stuck, paralyzed, or challenged!).

In this workbook, I'll walk you through 22 exercises to help you pivot your business with heart, grace, and purposeful strategy. In addition, I share 10+ specific strategies for diversifying your revenue streams.

The best part? You can use this workbook again & again, every time you need to shift or evolve in your biz!

As someone who has pivoted DOZENS of times in my businesses, I've become a master at evolving. The biggest lesson I've learned? When met with challenges, we not only have an opportunity to survive, we have a chance to truly THRIVE. Let's DO this!



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