rock your content calendar

Instagram, Facebook, blogging, email lists, oh my! 

As a business owner, posting, sharing and engaging online can feel straight-up OVERWHELMING sometimes. But it doesn't have to be! If you're tired of stop-starting (or not posting at all), this workbook is for YOU!

The big secret? You already have WAY more content to share than you might think. I'll help you figure out what to post, where & how often to post, and how to recycle your content in a way that still feels fresh + engaging for your audience! I'll give you my exact framework for how I manage four different content calendars, including tips for batching your content in advance (imagine planning all of your content once a month...or even less frequently!).

I'm currently creating this workbook, and would LOVE to hear from you! What are the biggest pain points you have around creating & sharing content? What questions do you have? Drop me a note here.

coming soon!

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