Etsy: The World’s Funnest Arts & Crafts Fair!

I know, I know. Funnest: it’s not a word.

Forgive me. I tend to use poor grammar when I’m excited. In this case, it’s about Etsy.

Etsy fills me with unbridled glee. And if you’re not an Etsian yet, then I want to share this glee with you.

Etsy is an online marketplace of handmade crafts, vintage items, and supplies. Artisans of all shapes and sizes set up shops on Etsy to make their amazing creations more accessible to the art-lovin’ masses.


I sell my non-portrait work on Etsy.

I run a cute little virtual store full of abstract flora, billowing flower petals, and exotic landscapes.

All of my images are available as loose prints. This means they arrive to you unframed and unmatted. It’s an affordable way to decorate your dusty pink powder room, your sage green living space, your brown boudoir – you get the idea.

Prints are available starting at 5×5 inches all the way up to 24×36. Click on the image to the left to see the full range of sizes available.

Some of my prints are mounted on 16×20 mat board. Don’t let this turn you off – it’s just one less step for you in the custom framing game. Mounted prints allow you to later choose a custom window mat and frame that fits harmoniously with your decor.

Also, I’m very open to custom orders: one-of-a-kind dealios. If there’s an image you covet (perhaps you’ve seen it floating around Facebook, but it’s not in my Etsy shop), I can print it. And I love (seriously, love) oversized prints, so I can indeed print larger than 24×36. Don’t be shy – just ask!


Yeah, I get it Bailey. You’re on Etsy – I should visit your shop.


Why else should I register for Etsy?

For starters, it’s 100% free to register.

Etsy is a place for crafters of all skill levels to buy unique and affordable supplies, and it’s also a great place for vintage junkies to go hunting. Etsy has many cool search tools that let you search by color, category, and even geographic location of the seller. It makes buying local for birthdays and holidays gratifying, simple and fun.

There are also tons of international crafters who sell globally-influenced jewelry, art and clothing. It’s the anti-shopping mall. It’s the World’s Funnest Arts & Crafts Fair!


You’ll find my shop here.

Bailey Aro Photography on Etsy


Not registered on Etsy yet? It’s FREE!

Sign up here.


And now, a pretty little dessert sampler of the images in store.


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