In the middle of the night, we arrived to belching bull frogs the size of papayas. Everything was inky blackness and the air was thick with impending rainfall. Aimless and stumbling, with backpacks in tow, we knocked on a wrong jungle hut (or two) before finding our digs + falling into a deep, travel day […]



Iceland. It’s as absurdly gorgeous as everyone tells you. In May, we embarked on a three-week camper van adventure around the Land of Fire & Ice/Midnight Sun/Picturesque Horses. Although you’ll be hard-pressed to find a country we won’t visit, this one stole our hearts for life. Iceland, you spellbinding land of elves, we’ll be back! […]


Europe 2016

Confession: I am quite possibly the worst at documenting my travels. Why is that? I think when I’m not working, I relish the chance to view the world with my own two eyes, without a camera in front of my face (it’s also probably why, when attending weddings as a guest, I never bring my […]



THE ROUTE (featured stops highlighted in bold): Duluth > Billings > Bozeman > Yellowstone > Seattle > Olympic National Park > Portland > Hood River > Boise > Salt Lake City > Boulder > Fort Collins > Twin Cities > Duluth For the second year running, April was our travel month (so that officially makes it a […]


Adventures in Thailand, Part I

If there’s one thing I excel at, it’s suffering abroad. Some people have a tendency to bring home orphan puppies, whereas I pick up stray bacteria in developing countries, and not of the cheerful, yogurt-bound variety. Instead of bringing the precautionary single course of antibiotics, I always request three courses from my doctor, even for a month of […]


Three Vignettes: Everest, Ice Cream & Spelling Bees

Vignette [vin-yet] 1. any small, pleasing picture or view. 2. a small, graceful literary sketch. 1.)    In 2010, I trekked to Everest Base Camp. Almost. During a six month backpacking odyssey, my now-husband & I decided to go trekking in Nepal. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t think about those mountains – my idea of heaven! We made it to nearly 17,000 feet […]