Lester Park & Brighton Beach Engagement Part One: Steph + Bronson

If a tree falls in the┬ápark during your engagement session…well, you dust the bark off your shoulders and make some snow angels!

Okay, so Steph & Bronson’s session wasn’t quite that melodramatic, but we did have a mini adrenaline rush when the tree Bronson was leaning on started groaning and then leaned heavily onto a neighboring tree. We abandoned that section of the forest quite quickly, of course.

We had a seriously chilly day to contend with, and these two were troopers. I learned about Bronson’s passion for cooking (he’d made sausages that very morning. As in, materialized them from scratch using sausage-y ingredients. Truly impressive). Steph spoke of her love for running, and I marveled at the number of marathons under her belt. To me, marathon runners are superhuman and super-amazing.

You’ll be able to tell from their session, but Steph & Bronson are truly warm souls. They have giant hearts, and October couldn’t come soon enough. I am honored to be a part of their upcoming wedding day.

(Note to self: For my next winter session, I’ll bring Yaktrax for everyone. And helmets. And maybe a chainsaw.)




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