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Sunday Musings from a Blushing Bride-To-Be

Good Morning, friends!

Holy heavens, do I ever miss blogging! It’s going to happen again. Eventually. This forever lingers on the back burners of my mind.

“You should really be blogging more.”

“Geez Bailey, why haven’t you posted more wedding & engagement awesomesauce lately?”

“Why are you taking slightly-over-a-day to respond to emails instead of your usual 12 hours or less?”

Don’t worry. None of these questions are coming from friends. Or even clients. Nope, they’re all coming from inside my perfectionist little pea brain. 🙂

So right now, I’m trying to cultivate more patience with myself. And keep reminding that inner voice that, “HEY! You are planning a pretty awesome wedding. And it’s happening in less than three weeks. And you guys are not about traditional. Everything is intentional, authentic, perfectly fitting for you two. It’s not a cookie cutter affair. So everything takes more time, more energy, more love. You’re going to be exhausted. And you need to be patient with yourself.”

One thing my soul truly needs: more therapy time with my camera. More earth. More nature. More this:


In other news, it has been bustling over at the flower shop with Mother’s Day, prom, and big milestones (we were voted runner-up for MN’s Best Flower Shop). Although I’m only pouring my heart into flowers a few days a week, it has been so busy-busy!

A couple of weeks ago, the wedding season kicked off with Shayne & Ryan’s gorgeous wedding-in-the-woods. As I steadily work through their images, I find myself giddy with excitement!

In this season, I already see a shift. A shift in my art, my skill, my approach. This work is lighting my heart ON FIRE!

Even if your head is clouded with doubt, remember: you CAN create the images you dream of! It takes work & purposeful change, but you can do it! Here is one image of Shayne & her maids that totally has my heart.


In other random news, we bought a car this weekend! Perfect timing, right? With a wedding just around the corner…ha! It had to happen, though. Poor dear Turquoise Jeep has been strugglin’. Big time. But we’ll miss his vibrant quirks. Sorta.


To my dear couples, and brides in particular: Reality check. It does get crazy. Engaged people are some of the busiest folks I know: planning a wedding, working a job (or two or three), finishing school, maybe owning a business, managing the feelings of fam & friends, and just figuring life out. Being tugged in a million directions, with no real control over the little things.

A note to you (& to self!): Don’t sweat the small details. Let ’em roll like water off a duck’s back. Be totally in it for the ride, but don’t expect to steer the whole time.

And most of all? Savor every moment.


Image by Gina Zeidler (our inspiring wedding photographer).



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