Wedding Planning

Does your wedding photographer need a shot list?

There’s a curious myth floating around (perpetuated by wedding magazines everywhere) stating that your photographer needs a shot list. I always wince a little when I read these well-intended articles. Real talk? Nothing shuts our brains down faster than a comprehensive list of every moment you want captured. Remember, a wedding day is a living, […]

Wedding Planning

3 Tips for Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Couples often recite their wedding vows, then promptly forget them. But why can’t your vows be a touchstone throughout your marriage? Whether you’re celebrating the good stuff or hitting a rough patch, those vows matter. Refer to them often, do regular check-ins, and remember why you’re doing life together. Ask yourselves, “Are we living these vows fully?” For our June […]

Wedding Planning

Five Wedding Myths Debunked

1. Seeing each other before the ceremony is bad luck. Perhaps I’m stating the obvious, but this is a superstition. It’s neither bad luck nor good luck to see one another beforehand. It’s an opportunity to spend more time together on your wedding day, have a private moment before the day’s momentum sweeps you away, and […]


2014 Boudoir Collection Details + A Sneak Peek of My New Brand!

They’re HERE! 2014 Boudoir Collection Details are now available, and gosh, are they gorgeous! In addition to marvelous images & complete session details, this guide shares a sneak peek of my new visual brand. Over the past few months, I’ve been working with the crazy-talented creative team at FloSites. We just wrapped up the branding […]


10 Reasons We Might Be a Good Fit…

1. You want a marriage more beautiful than your wedding.   2. You believe in living authentically & crafting your own meaningful traditions.   3. You’re kind of an old soul. You adore all things tangible…printed photographs & coffee table books make you weak in the knees!   4. Your wedding guests mean the world […]


Video Blog: Hello, friends!

  In honor of my very first video blog (!!), I’m shakin’ things up. Sideways. Oh well, remember: it’s about grace, not perfection, right? Haha. Anyway, not to worry, once you press play I’ll go right-side up.   And, as promised, here are a few sneak peeks courtesy of our awesome photographer, Gina Zeidler. XOXO,