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10 Reasons We Might Be a Good Fit…

1. You want a marriage more beautiful than your wedding.



2. You believe in living authentically & crafting your own meaningful traditions.


3. You’re kind of an old soul.

You adore all things tangible…printed photographs & coffee table books make you weak in the knees!


4. Your wedding guests mean the world to you.

You want to include them in the festivities & infuse a touch of hospitality into every detail.



5. Your heart is wide open to the adventure.

You’re willing to hike a trail, frolic in a field, or get your tootsies wet for stunning images. So what if you get a little dirt on your wedding dress?



6. Photography is a top priority for you.

You’d be willing to serve dinner with styrofoam plates & Solo cups if it meant having the photographer of your dreams (and, for the record, I can make any sort of dinnerware look awesome in photos!).



7. You value your peeps & relationships, big time.

Carving out time for family & friends fires you up!



8. You’re deeply connected to your roots.

People, places & beginnings matter — especially in your relationship. You’d love to include some element of your story in your big day! Whether it’s the summer camp where you met, or your shared affinity for Praline Pecan ice cream.


9. Although you love planning every pretty detail, you embrace the fact that weddings have a life of their own.

You’re ready to just go with the flow & ride the wave on your big day. If you end up married to your soul mate, then nothing else truly matters. And remember, no one knows what it’s supposed to look like (except maybe you).

Side story: While traversing a boardwalk during my own wedding last June, I split my big toe open. I still have an awesome scar, and my toenail grew back kinda wonky. Despite getting blood on my wedding dress, I was cool with it! I now have a toe-tally great story to tell… (pardon the puns, I just can’t help myself!).



10. And finally, you’re crazy in love with each other & truly believe in marriage.

You know it won’t be easy, but it will be so worth every crazy, beautiful moment.


At the end of the day, my dream is to work with couples who love the unique style & energy I can bring to their wedding.

In addition to fully trusting my technical & artistic expertise, my couples should feel a natural chemistry with me. I often walk away from a consultation feeling giddy…as though I just met some new best friends! Nothing beats this — and I want the feeling to be mutual.

When you are 100% comfortable with your wedding photographer…well, that’s when the magic happens.


Much Love,




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