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Five Wedding Myths Debunked

Bayfield, Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

1. Seeing each other before the ceremony is bad luck.

Perhaps I’m stating the obvious, but this is a superstition. It’s neither bad luck nor good luck to see one another beforehand. It’s an opportunity to spend more time together on your wedding day, have a private moment before the day’s momentum sweeps you away, and capture raw, intimate images.

If you haven’t considered doing a “First Look,” be sure to check out an oldie (but goodie) from the vault: 5 Ways a First Look Will Rock Your World. And I promise: Having a first look will in no way diminish the significance of your ceremony. You’re still walking down the aisle toward the person you’re going to do life with, and nothing can take away from that moment.

Bayfield, Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

2.   You NEED to: Toss the bouquet, cut the cake, do the Hokey Pokey, fill-in-the-blank.

Honest moment: You don’t need to do anything…well, apart from signing the marriage certificate. Weddings come in all shapes & sizes. As a photographer, I meet with couples in the beginning phase of planning. It can be totally overwhelming & I get that! There are so many crazy expectations and deadlines set forth by wedding websites, magazines, and society in general. However, I give you full permission to just do you. Focus on what matters (starting a new adventure together) and forget the rest. If you wanna do the Hokey Pokey and turn yourself around, more power to you! Just be sure you’re doing things because they matter to you, not because the industry says so.

Bayfield, Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

3.  Your bridal gown must remain pristine.

Okay ladies, let’s talk about this. Yes, your dress is an investment. It is THE dress, after all. But if you’re up for the adventure of wedding photos in our woodsy Land o’ Lakes, then you should be prepared for a few dirt marks or mosquitoes caught in the tulle. While I make every effort to ensure the dress is lookin’ fly for your ceremony, nature is just a part of how we roll. Remember that most little outdoor stains go completely unnoticed. I pinky-promise, people will be focusing on your happy, glowing face rather than your hemline.

Bayfield, Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

4.  You need to go on a honeymoon right away.

Heck no! In our neck of the woods, especially between May & October, we like to savor all the summer beauty we can get! Many couples opt to save up their pennies & fly south during the polar months instead. That way, you can totally veg out after the big day and won’t have to worry about travel logistics. In the meantime, you can always plan a “mini-moon” up the North Shore or hole up in a local Bed & Breakfast.

Bayfield, Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

5. Every single detail must be meaningful, handcrafted, and personal to you as a couple.

I’ll admit, I have a weakness for beautifully personal wedding details. Whether it’s a birch altar hand-built by the groom, or family heirlooms tucked into the cake display, I’m all there. I love it. But couples, please don’t feel the need to personalize every detail. Pick a few things that matter most & let those reflect your story. Your guests want to cheer and dance alongside you. They could care less whether your day is “Pinterest-worthy.”

Focus more on moments, and less on details. Be fully present and surround yourself in beauty. For some, that means whispering pines & chirping birds. For others, it can mean handcrafted personal details that tell their story. Whether you have four guests or 400, be all there. Hug everyone. Be in the moment. Remember: I can make paper plates & red Solo cups look gorgeous in photos, I pinky-swear.

What are some other myths we can debunk? I know there are plenty! Share them in the comments below:

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