Europe 2016


Confession: I am quite possibly the worst at documenting my travels. Why is that? I think when I’m not working, I relish the chance to view the world with my own two eyes, without a camera in front of my face (it’s also probably why, when attending weddings as a guest, I never bring my camera). Though I love documenting what I see, feel, and experience, what really fills my cup is being in the moment: Sipping Belgian beers, eating the best fish & chips on the planet, feeling the crunch of gravel underfoot while hiking in England’s Lake District, and belly-laughing with my British family.

Last month, my husband & I spent three weeks venturing around the UK & Europe, visiting his fam in England, drinking all the beers, and eating all the things. Sure, we didn’t spend more than two nights in one place, but then again, relaxing vacations have never really been our speed. Though we missed our giant lap dog, he spent February in heaven at our breeder’s sprawling homestead, romping with his fellow giants.

This time around, I made an effort to capture whatever inspired me, without agenda or pressure, using a mix of my iPhone & big girl camera (I dare you to guess which is which…betcha can’t tell!). As it turns out, I could wallpaper entire rooms with medieval architecture photos, while the mouthwatering beer + food barely lasted long enough to be documented. As for our faces, they only make one or two cameos, but rest assured, they were a perfect mix of sleepy & content.

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