In the middle of the night, we arrived to belching bull frogs the size of papayas. Everything was inky blackness and the air was thick with impending rainfall. Aimless and stumbling, with backpacks in tow, we knocked on a wrong jungle hut (or two) before finding our digs + falling into a deep, travel day slumber. And then, a handful of hours later, we woke to roosters crowing at 3 AM, and slowly, from within our tiny rainforest hut, we saw a wild wondrous jungle exploding into daylight.

Kauai, you’re a magical little wonderland. I’ve grown quite fond of you.

I miss your roadside fruit stands, reggae playlists on tunnel tree roads, surfing on your shores, mountains wrapped in ever-shifting mist, and the sleepy hamlet of Hanalei. ‘Til we meet again?


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