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Introducing: Newborn Sessions by Chelsea!

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Hooray! It’s finally here! I am thrilled to announce that I now offer Fresh 48 Newborn Sessions through Bailey Aro Photography! I serve clients throughout the Duluth/Superior area with gorgeous, natural lifestyle images of your newborn’s first few hours earthside.

As a photographer & mom, capturing memories of my own kiddo has been insanely important to me. Everything from his first steps to the first time he saw Thomas the Train in real life: it’s all documented.

What isn’t documented? His first days in the hospital after he was born. To this day, it’s still my biggest regret not hiring a newborn photographer to capture his every wrinkle, his fuzzy head, and his bright blue eyes. That’s why I’m a big believer in Fresh 48 Sessions.

So, what exactly is a Fresh 48 session?

In a nutshell, these sessions take place in the first 24-48 hours after your baby enters the world.

These sessions are personal, intimate, emotional, and 115% worth it. You’ll walk away with tangible memories to look back on in 10 years and feel every emotion again. You’ll look at a photo of their hair & be able to smell that new baby smell. You’ll see their tiny hands again and remember how soft their skin was. Because of those images, every memory will flood back. You’ll be brought back to those sweet moments where you & that tiny babe just gazed at each other in total amazement during their first few hours.

For more on why Fresh 48 Newborn Sessions are AMAZING, head to the Newborns page!

Click here to learn more about Newborn Sessions

To celebrate the launch, I am giving away a Fresh 48 Session to one lucky mama! 

WIN a Fresh 48 Session here! < link to IG giveaway post, IG image below this heading

I’m so excited to connect with you & your sweet little ones in 2019!

With love,


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