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Mentoring Sessions with Bailey

Betcha didn’t know this:

I’ve offered Mentoring Sessions for over three years, BUT…

Life got busy. I didn’t prioritize sharing them, even though I truly wanted to help creatives move forward! I also had a serious case of imposter syndrome:

“Who am I to teach or mentor others?

I’m not qualified.

I don’t know enough.

What if it’s complete & total crickets?”


Totally normal (but not-so-helpful) inner dialogue, right?

Since I initially launched Mentoring Sessions three years ago, a few things have happened:

  • I started working with a business coach, and have learned a TON about mindset, beliefs, habits, and how to get unstuck.
  • I started (& currently lead) our local chapter of The Rising Tide Society, an educational group for creative entrepreneurs.
  • I launched a 2nd business (White Spruce Market).
  • I hired an Associate Photographer & am about to hire my first employee for White Spruce Market.
  • I planned & am about to launch a 3rd business, this time with my husband (details coming soon!).


As you can see, plenty of BIG things have happened, so my Mentoring Sessions desperately needed a makeover to reflect where I am now & how I want to serve fellow creatives. It comes down to this:

I’m not special or unique. You too can create anything you want in your life.

When I reflect on the past ten years, I realize: Investing in myself as a human & business owner has always been worthwhile.

For me, it’s not about giving creative entrepreneurs a “how-to handbook” or a blueprint for success. It’s about meeting you where you are right now, helping you clarify what you truly want, and pinpointing anything that might be standing in your way so you can become UNSTOPPABLE.

At the end of the day, it’s about mindset. I used to feel overwhelmed ALL. THE. TIME (and this was back when I just had one business!).

Now? I rarely feel overwhelmed, because I know how to manage my mind. I’m equipped with tools that keep moving forward, even amid challenges.

Are you ready to invest in yourself & your big dreams? Let’s connect!

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