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Six questions to ask yourself during uncertain times

Hey friend. ♡

My hope is to give you a moment of peace, so pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee, grab a notebook, and settle in with me. Below are six questions to ask yourself during uncertain times. Rather than just thinking about your responses, be sure to write them down. Actual pen-to-paper writing increases neural activity in certain parts of the brain, with similar effects to meditation. Let’s dive in.

1. What am I grateful for?

Start small + simple. Examples: I am healthy in this moment. I have time to slow down. I am resourceful. I have a strong support system. I have a dog on my lap. etc.

Set a timer for 5 minutes and write as many as you can.


2. What *CAN* I control?

I’ll give you a hint: You can control your mindset, your attitude, and your beliefs about the situation. Take a moment to evaluate how you’re thinking & feeling right now. Are you concerned / overwhelmed / unmotivated / panicked / confused? Name it & own it.  This is the first step to changing your mindset if it’s not currently serving you.

From there, consider how you can reframe your current situation, regardless of how stress-inducing it may feel. Another helpful question: What advice would my future self give me right now?


3. What 1-3 small changes can I make that will create the greatest positive impact right now?

Whether it’s in your home or business, think of small changes you can make that will create the biggest results (this is a great practice to do in general, but is especially helpful when life feels overwhelming).

Also, be aware that your actions right now may not create immediate results, but that doesn’t mean they’re not working. Keep showing up, planting seeds, and doing the work, and when the dust settles, you’ll be ahead of the curve. The idea is to set your current self up for future success.


4. What can I let go of right now?

When life gets tumultuous, priorities may need to shift. Give yourself some space to reflect and recalibrate. I recommend giving yourself 30-60 minutes. First, do a “brain dump” of every thought/task/project in your head, and then assign them to categories (i.e. home, business, etc.). From there, categorize each task based on priority level (when I do this, I use three labels: Priority, Soon, and This Can Wait).

Be honest & realistic about what’s most important right now. Focus only on your “Priority” items, and don’t let yourself get distracted by anything else until all of your priority items are complete. Also: If your list of “Priority” items is short, that’s OKAY. Be present, and don’t be afraid to let go of your normal day-to-day.


5. What is the best use of the next hour?

This question is grounding for a frantic mind. It’s easy to let our thoughts take over, spiraling into unnecessary worry + anxiety. This ties in with the question above: What is actually urgent right now? v.s. What can wait?

Beyond that, consider the low-hanging fruit: What quick + easy wins can you have in the next hour? Maybe it’s clearing the clutter, or replying to those lingering emails, or taking a walk in the woods, or playing with your kids. Pick one thing (as long as it’s not scrolling social media), and then do it.


6. What small things can I do to promote joy?

In uncertain times, it’s important as ever to take care of your mental, physical, and emotional health. Set a timer for 5 minutes & brainstorm ideas, which could include…doing an at-home workout or yoga class, arranging a Google hangout or Zoom call with friends or fellow business owners, making a snazzy coffee or tea drink, taking a walk or hike, creating a new playlist, trying a new recipe, cooking a meal using only ingredients on-hand, reading a fave book on your shelf, journaling…the list goes on!


Let me know how you feel after working through those journaling prompts. Did you notice any shifts in your thinking or feeling? What else can I help you with during this time? Let’s connect over on Instagram!


Sending abundant love,


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