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Uncomfortable selling right now? Read this.

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A few of the words that [some] business owners use to describe selling right now:

Icky. Salesy. Slimy. Opportunistic. Shameful. Awkward.



Oof. These are heavy! Let’s take a collective deep breath, and shift our mindset here.

Let’s start with the basics…

As a human being, you have the glorious freedom to choose how you react to any given circumstance. So how are you going to react in this moment? Out of fear & scarcity, or from a place of service & abundance? Consider your circle of peers, your social media feed, etc: Is the tone gloom & doom? Is it fear-based? Are people talking about scrimping & saving? Possibly. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t people ready & willing to buy from you right now. As long as you continue serving high value for money (regardless of price point), there is ZERO need to feel shame or guilt around selling. This is true not only now, but always.

The truth? I was really concerned a couple of weeks ago, but have been blown away by the multiple clients & customers who have stepped up to support not only my own brands, but many other small biz friends. We may be down, but we’re not out. There are people out there ready & willing to support you right now!

For many, this is our livelihood, so this is no time for radio silence. Down with guilt, already!


Next step, Sharpie this on your forehead:

“I am not my client.”

This was true before, and will be true long after. When you focus on the people who truly can’t afford you right now, it’s like watching cars in the oncoming traffic lane: You’re way more likely to crash & burn.

Even if you’re currently struggling financially, that doesn’t mean everyone is. People are still buying right now (and for one of my brands, people are buying more than usual, because it’s a valuable offering for our current world situation). Figure out how to serve your people where they are right now & pivot if needed!

There is nothing opportunistic about showing up & serving people with value, especially during times like these.



The world needs you
to keep showing up.

Do what you need to take care of yourself, shift your priorities, adjust your work schedule if needed, but PLEASE: Don’t go dark on your business right now. Now more than ever, our global economy needs you to KEEP GOING.

This doesn’t necessarily mean “business as usual.” Be mindful of your messaging, evaluate your current offerings, and rework your approach as needed. Above all, consider the positive impact your brand can make right now, and lean into that! Can I say it again? The world needs you to keep showing up.


You might be wondering…

But what if someone calls me out for selling right now?

Remember: Fear has a grip on many right now (again, a natural & not-always-helpful reaction to the circumstances). When people are fearful, they may react in ways they normally wouldn’t, in order to feel a sense of control. If someone is calling you out, remember, it is always about their mindset, not yours. If you’re genuinely coming from a thoughtful place, they may or may not interpret your intentions correctly (and that’s okay — it’s not your job to fix their opinion of you. It’s your job to keep showing up). And as for your fierce supporters? They’ll be so grateful you kept moving forward.


A helpful exercise

How to choose different thoughts about marketing & selling
during this time:

Below are some examples of unhelpful beliefs you may have, followed by new beliefs to try on for size. Make ’em your own, write them down daily, scribble them on Post-Its and wallpaper your house with them. Say them aloud, shout them aloud (especially while physically moving — that helps get the new beliefs into your system, so they’ll stick!).



Current belief:

“Selling in a climate like this is opportunistic & slimy.”


New belief:

“Selling in a climate like this is about showing up & serving at my highest level.”



Current belief:

“People aren’t currently buying, so I’m going silent for awhile.”


New belief:

“While people aren’t currently buying right now, they are paying more attention than ever, so now is an incredible time to serve up valuable content for them. They will remember how my brand made them feel during this time, which will lead to beautiful things once they are able to buy.”



Current belief:

“My product or service is not deemed ‘essential’ right now, so I feel awkward selling it.”


New belief:

“My product/service is always valuable for those who are attracted to it. The world needs art, creativity, & beauty now more than ever. My product or service is uplifting / inspiring / insert your own adjective here.”



And finally, have grace with yourself.

Under stress, your brain reverts to default mode: You seek out safety, security, and comfy-cozy “old beliefs” that don’t always serve you. Maybe your subconscious has always felt like selling is “slimy” on some level, and that’s where you brain defaults right now (and your highly evolved brain will find allll the evidence it can to support that claim!). Years ago, I used to feel this way, but now I view selling & marketing through a completely different lens. Occasionally those feelings flare up, but I’m fortunate to have many trusted peers who remind me: “Bailey, there is nothing slimy or salesy about what you’re putting out there.”

We often need to be reminded of this. If you need some reassurance, please message me! I’d love to see what you’re putting out there & encourage you. ‎♡‎♡


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