Q & A with Associate Photographer Chelsea

Your Name: Chelsea Dobs Your Team Role: Associate Wedding Photographer Your three-sentence bio. Ready, go! Lover of tall pines, peanut butter, and eucalyptus. Boy mom & dog mom. Married to a tall glass of water that tries to keep me from hoarding too many candles. Where are you from? I’ve been in Duluth for almost […]


Meet Chelsea: Associate Wedding Photographer

First, let’s go back to 2008… It started as a dream: A flicker, really. A college sophomore diving into her first photography class with her dad’s old Pentax K1000. The satisfying weight of a camera in-hand, the fluttering heart of a clicked shutter, the lingering scent of darkroom chemicals, and a girl who always knew […]

Wedding Planning

Does your wedding photographer need a shot list?

There’s a curious myth floating around (perpetuated by wedding magazines everywhere) stating that your photographer needs a shot list. I always wince a little when I read these well-intended articles. Real talk? Nothing shuts our brains down faster than a comprehensive list of every moment you want captured. Remember, a wedding day is a living, […]


Sarah & Kyle: Vintage Christmas Wedding at Glensheen Mansion

It was sophomore year at UMD in a sociology class called “Marriage & Families.” In a crowded lecture hall of 250 students, Sarah noticed Kyle the moment he walked in. On day one, the stars aligned when the professor divided the class into groups of five students each, groups they’d sit and work with all […]


Brittany & John: Wedding in the Woods at Juliane James Place

I met Brittany & John at the Greysolon Ballroom Wedding Open House last November, and we immediately hit it off. While I’m not big on standardized wedding checklists, I did grill them with the typical questions: “When’s your date? Do you plan to canoe on your wedding day? What are your thoughts on donuts? Your dog will […]


Jessamy & Bill: Gorgeous Glensheen Mansion Wedding

When you grow up in the same small Minnesota town, your parents probably know each other & everyone knows your business (including who you’ve got a crush on!). Although Jessamy & Bill grew up in Grand Rapids, they didn’t really cross paths until Jessamy’s freshman year of college, when she was home visiting. Bill was […]