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Wednesday Wanderings: I Wanna Himalaya.

I’m a girl who’d never seen real mountains before, apart from the hazy desert molehills of Arizona. In October 2010, I set foot in Nepal with a 52-liter Granite Gear pack, hand-in-hand with my dear boyfriend and traveling companion. Life has never been the same.

Three weeks of arduous trekking, two bouts of food poisoning and hundreds of breathtaking panoramas later, we returned to Kathmandu (the capital) trail-worn, 30 pounds lighter, and soul happy. Of course, my trusty Pentax made the trek too, along with a team of lenses.

What follows are three of my favorite atmospheric shots from the region: to me, they feel like oxygen – like breathing fresh, pure, unforgiving mountain air.

I’m selling these images on Etsy (Oh, and as a special treat for checking out the blog, take 20% any purchase in my Etsy shop. Enter coupon code WANDERLUST25 at checkout).

This is the first installment in a midweek series I’ll call Wednesday Wanderings. Lots of backpacking and back-and-forths across the Atlantic calls for a place to unleash a few good anecdotes. What better way to take a hump day break?



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