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Wednesday Wanderings: When in Bruges…

In honor of Birth Week, I’m gonna get a little indulgent.

I booked an hour-long massage. I’m having sushi and fancy cocktails with my closest ladies.  I envision a pontoon ride with a red Solo cup of Apricot Wheat Ale. And I think I see a pedicure in my crystal ball, too.

I seldom pamper myself, and I’ve been ultra-frugal since returning from my backpacking odyssey this winter. Heck, I won’t even buy a new pair of summer flip flops!

So this leisure streak feels a little foreign to me.

I’ve always admired Europeans for their ability to balance work with pleasure – hell, they even mix the two on occasion! I try to channel these calmer cultures when Perfectionist Workaholic Bailey rears her ugly head.

What better way to pay homage to a slower pace  and a better-balanced existence than to share snippets of Bruges, Belgium?

Famed for its legendary chocolate, diverse Belgian brews, heavenly espresso and breathtaking architecture, Belgium has quickly become (one of) my favorite European countries.

Try not to drool on the keyboard.




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