Vanessa & Connor: Park Point Beach Wedding

The Date: July 21, 2018 The Photographer: Chelsea The Venue: Park Point Beach House in Duluth, MN My Favorite Moments: Hiking through the sandy woods (with beers in tow!), watching all of Vanessa and Connor’s friends and family make the beach house into their dream lakeside venue in less than an hour, running away directly […]


Introducing: Boudoir Gift Cards!

By popular demand, I am thrilled to announce that Bailey Aro Boudoir Gift Cards are now available! Give the gift of confidence & self-love! A boudoir session with Bailey Aro Photography is for any woman who wants to embrace her body, spark self-confidence, and celebrate her infinite potential. Based in Duluth, MN, I serve clients […]


New Website + a Giveaway!

Woohoo! Today marks the launch of my new website, and apart from lookin’ all snazzy & grown up, this online space truly feels like home for me. 2018 has been all about creating more white space in my life & business, and this website quite literally embraces that! I’m also celebrating big, new adventures on […]



In the middle of the night, we arrived to belching bull frogs the size of papayas. Everything was inky blackness and the air was thick with impending rainfall. Aimless and stumbling, with backpacks in tow, we knocked on a wrong jungle hut (or two) before finding our digs + falling into a deep, travel day […]


Introducing Boudoir Bare Essentials

Happy Summer, friends! It’s been awhile! While it may seem quiet on my end, I’ve been bouncing between travel adventures, DIY projects, and (of course) boudoir sessions in the studio! Can I take a moment to thank every woman who has taken the leap & trusted me with their boudoir experience? My gratitude runneth over, […]


Boudoir Mini Sessions 2018

After a two-year break, I am thrilled to announce…Boudoir Mini Sessions are BACK for a super-limited time! I recently released dates to my VIP crew, and almost all spots were spoken for immediately! However, I still have a few remaining spots — read on for details! 2018 BOUDOIR MINI SESSIONS Dates: Saturday, October 13 Sunday, […]