Wednesday Wanderings: The Next Adventure!

When I was a little girl, we had this towering bookcase of old National Geographic magazines. I would run my fingers along their tell-tale gold spines, trying to choose an edition to pull & read: Uganda Up-Close, Whale Poaching in the North Sea, Balinese Temples. These geographic snippets gave me butterflies, as visions of gilded […]


Make it Happen: MTH Intensive 2013

Ten days ago, brown Kelly Moore bag slung across my shoulder, I boarded a snug plane in frosty Duluth, utimately bound for Chapel Hill, North Carolina. About sixty attendees, mostly women & a few gentlemen, descended upon the lush, leafy community of Chapel Hill for a two-day conference called Making Things Happen. I’ll spare you […]


Wednesday Wanderings: Kathmandu

That impending moment of descending in a jet through the rust red smog of the city. That was my first memory of Kathmandu. It’s a bizarre notion, landing in a city on the opposite side of the planet. My heart swooped with a thousand fluttering wings. From the plane window, I saw haze and square […]


Go take a hike (a seaside one).

This is a place with a sea salt breeze, rubber kelp strands, and terra cotta sand where the tide runs in rivulets. A place where robin’s egg paint peels away from dinghies docked on the promenade, and where an old lady in a pink sequin beret strolls with her husband in the hazy spring sun. […]


Crumpets Unveiled

There comes a time in every young woman’s life when the ol’ blog well dries up, and blog posts veer into bottom-of-the-barrel territory. This is not one of those moments. Because today, I am fully disclosing crumpets in all their British gastronomic glory! Certainly this warrants a resounding “Huzzah!” from the peanut gallery – that’s […]


Hylô, Cymru: Hey, Wales!

Here I am, typing to you from a cozy pub apartment in the rollicking Welsh countryside. It’s like coming home in some ways, but in other ways I will always be just a little bit dopey and out of my element in the UK. The laundry detergent bottles feel fun sized in my jumbo-accustomed American […]